Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back from the Rebelution Conference...

And what an awesome conference it was! Who cares about the long...long drive to Dallas? Actually, I thought the eight hour drive was quite enjoyable but that's just me. We even "made some memories" as my pastor's wife says, getting flat tires, missing turns, reading signs incorrectly, attempting to keep our bottoms from generating bed sores...and that is quite a task with limited space. But really, I'm sure you don't care to know about that stuff.

I can't praise God enough for inciting a new wave in our generation. A revival of some sorts to do hard things and live for the glory of God. He is truly turning our hearts back to Him. Over 1900 young people came together from all around (two siblings came so far as Saudi Arabia!) to worship and learn ways to live for Christ by doing hard things. The conference was from 9 AM to 5PM, split into four sessions, built upon the Rebelution's three pillars of character, competence, and collaboration. Through the twins' three messages and their father's beautiful sermon of the gospel, forty young people and adults made professions of faith.

It was truly a blessing to be able to go back to the Dallas conference again. Alex and Brett, the founders of this movement, are going to college this fall but if they decide to do the Rebelution tour again, I highly recommend people of all ages, anyone with a desire to passionately live for Christ, to attend. They try to hold the tours in places where groups of states can access them in a matter of hours. If that's not a possibility, read their book Do Hard Things or visit their website I believe you'll be truly blessed by this powerful message. May we all emphatically embrace this movement to forsake laziness and idleness that has become so praised and prevalent in our society and rather seek to ditch comfort and do hard this for the glory of God.

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