Monday, June 9, 2008

Case for Faith

Will all the doubters please stand up? Skeptics raise your hands! Lee Strobel is the writer for all who identify. He's probably more famously, or infamously, known for his book The Case for Christ, which was also quite the read. While Christ was great, it didn't affect me as much since I didn't need to examine the case for Him. Christ isn't the problem in my personal bout with doubt. I am. My faith is the problem. Thus Faith was more in my direction.

Just like in his other book, Strobel goes on a year long quest, conducting several interviews with the greatest Christian thinkers of our time, and seeks to present or destroy the case for faith. Strobel takes eight of the main arguments against faith in God, and boldly confronts experts in the objections. To pehaps spark a desire to read it, here are the eight arguments Strobel centers his book around:
  1. Since Evil and Suffering Exist, a Loving God Cannot
  2. Since Miracles Contradict Science, They Cannot be True
  3. Evolution Explains Life, so God Isn't Needed
  4. God Isn't Worthy of Worship if He Kills Innocent Children
  5. It's Offensive to Claim Jesus is the Only Way to God
  6. A Loving God Would Never Torture People in Hell
  7. Church History is Littered with Oppression and Violence
  8. I Still Have Doubts, So I Can't be a Christian
Each objection is carefully examined and thoroughly explained by each interviewee. The only problem I find generally with Strobel's books is that he only interviews Christians, which gives his cases somewhat of a partial view. It seems as if he conducts these cases with the goal of getting positive answers, which he will if he asks the "right" people. I'd enjoy it more if he were to take each objection and perhaps interview an unbeliever and a believer, both experts in their fields. Obviously most Christians wouldn't see this problem, but many an agnostic or atheist has pointed this error out in Strobel's writings. However, if an unbeliever discards previous notions and assumptions, these arguments are quite compelling and give great evidence, if you will, of God's existence and faith's ability to trust Him.

Regardless, Case for Faith is another great investigation from Strobel that does wonderfully in compelling any open minded unbeliever and reassuring any skeptical and doubting Christian. If you identify yourself in either of these positions, I recommend this and practically any of Strobel's works. Happy reading.

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