Saturday, March 15, 2008

First Official Blog

Well, what to do, what to do? These things look so cool but man are they complicated! I was hoping this wouldn't be like writing in a diary, seeing how I am the worst diary-er on the planet. Seriously, I definitely write in it like once a leap year. And now that other people read the entries, it'll be worse..or would it be? Some people like the sound of their own voice, maybe I'll like the look of my own thoughts on a web page. How cool is that?

So I've been hopping from blog to blog, checking everything out, learning the ropes you know. I've come to the conclusion that one has to be quite an interesting person to do this and I'm not sure that I make the cut. I've ran across dull blogs and boy are they brutal! Being the good Christian and all, however, I try to find the good in each of them, the silver lining of each horribly dark cloud, but some silver linings can be painstakingly vague. At that point, I just hop to the next one. If this is one of those silver lining blogs, hop quickly!

Ooh I do you end this? Goodbye, have a nice day...(is that right?)

1 comment:

Roshan said...

Haha, congratulations on your blog! It seems to be going well so far, by God's grace! I'm encouraged to see other Christ-exalting blogs as well. :)

Keep up the good job, I'm surely reading more of your posts!